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This energy stock is a long-term option on an oil recovery

An oil pump jack pumps oil in a field near Calgary. (© Todd Korol / Reuters)

I do not invest in options or derivatives on behalf of clients as they always seem to expire a little too early. However, periodically I find a company that represents a de facto, long-term option on an asset. Enter MEG Energy Corp., which owns a 100-per-cent working interest in two oil sands projects in the southern Athabasca region of Alberta…
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Why I own SNC-Lavalin stock for my clients

SNC-Lavalin's trove of assets makes its stock an attractive buy.

We all encounter minor irritations in life. Here’s one of mine: Three price increases in a row for three consecutive years. On a recent trip to Toronto, I took the 407 toll highway north of the city. Subsequently, I received my e-mail invoice, informing me that the amount owing had been dutifully deducted from my credit card on file.
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