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Gabriel Lowenberg is CEO and president of Lowenberg Investment Counsel Inc., an independent wealth investment management firm. The views and opinion expressed in this article are those of Mr. Lowenberg and do not constitute investment advice.

Whole Foods’ appetizing stock

Let me begin with a confession. I am not a health food fanatic. It’s possible that I purchased something organic once or twice but, if I did, it was an accident. Yet as I approach the border of my late 40s, my doctor’s advice is beginning to resonate: eat less, exercise more. The parallel in financial planning, of course, is spend less, save more.
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Epiphany on the Triborough Bridge

Investment inspiration can come from unexpected sources – like the Triborough Bridge into Manhattan, which I often crossed when I was a novice financial analyst more than 20 years ago. Every driver who wanted to use the bridge (now officially called the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge), had to pay the toll and hand over $3.50 to the attendant in the booth.
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AmEx Raises Credit Card Rates, Cuts Jobs, Faces Pressure From Visa And MasterCard

American Express made two announcements last month: First, the financial services corporation will be cutting over 4000 jobs companywide. Second, interest rates will rise for over one million AmEx cardholders. This is following increased competition from Visa and MasterCard, reports that AmEx has been losing their wealthiest customers, and recent industry rumours that Costco and […]